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Kan Drishti Vinayakar

Kan Drishti Vinayakar

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Vinayaka Originals

Crafted from sketch by our Master Artisan, this painting is exclusively available only at Vinayaka Art Gallery. 

In his long and fruitful journey, BT Raja has been the mastermind behind many of the sketches widely used in Tanjore Art today. All of them have inspired craftisans across the subcontinent, yet some of the sketches including this Kan Drishti Vinayakar is unique to our gallery and team of artisans - the select few who are privy to the technique and craft that makes us special.

The painting was crafted in our in-house studio using genuine 22 karat gold foil along with semi precious Jaipur stones. 

Materials Used:

22 Carat Original Gold Foils, Water Resistant Plywood, Cloth, paints, semi precious Jaipur gem stones, Arabic gum and chalk powder.


Traditional teak wood mani-frame mounted on glass