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Get your painting customised

Your paintings are a personal affair. Beginning with Tanjore paintings, you can customise family portraits, Kerala murals, and even your Pooja rooms with Vinayaka Art Gallery. Need a painting of goddess Saraswati in a colour different from the original white? What about an addition to Lord Ganesh’s painting, something unique to your Pooja room? You know what you want in a painting that is handed down to your generations, we know how to create customisations while staying true to the art. From special requests for a Tanjore painting, to getting a painting of your patron saint, a family member’s portrait and everything in between, we offer a wide range of customisation services. 

Frames: Just like your paintings, your frames can be customised too. We’ve made double inset frames, where 2 paintings can be fit together. We’ve also accommodated special requests to customise the framing in sync with existing mandaps, and even made an entire mandap to house a lot of paintings together. Everything is a choice you make, right down to the varnish colour - be it brown, reddish brown, chocolate brown, dark brown, or black. We also make gold frames, where the foil work is done on top of the frame too. Truly, the possibilities are quite endless.

To place an order for a customised product, connect with us on WhatsApp : 94999 26826