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26.01.2014                12.00pm

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                                                From its origin,painting in India has always been accorded a divine status and Thanjavur is probably the only settlement in the subcontinent where one can experience the evolution of painting styles in the last eleven centuries.This is in addition to the literary references of paintings in this town that dates back to the first century CE.The Maratha palace has become synonymous with the Tanjore style of paintings that were endangered at one time but have now seen a spirit of resurgence and have become treasured items for connoisseurs as well as for the devout.

                                                The Tanjore Painting is a unique traditional art form, which specializes in the combination of both fine art and intricate handicraft .The name “Tanjore painting” comes from the place Thanjavur, later called Tanjore, by the British, which was the capital city of vijayanagara kingdom,that ruled the entire southern region .Thanjavur was known as the centre of art and culture and Tanjore paintings reflect the rich and royal hertiage of our ancestors and Indian culture.Gems , fine gold leaves, natural dyes and three dimensional effects are the unique characteristics of these paintings.Pearl dust were used as final touch to the white coloured base, soothing the eyes with a mild shine.

                                                 The subject of the painting is broadly divided into the sacred and the secular.Sacred themes include the coronation of Rama,Shiva-Parvathi on Nandi,Krishna,Ganesh,Balaji,Murugan,Lakshmi,and Saraswathy.Secular themes, though rare today, were more common in the olden days,which included portraits of kings of Thanjavur,especially Serfoji two and royal couples in many stages of their courtship.Portraits of famous Hindu saints were also popular.The secular themes that are done nowadays include that of dancing lady,birds and so on.

                                                     Tanjore Painting are for a lifetime,which were collected as assets by the royal families and considered very auspicious.Paintings done on the ceilings and walls of the palaces and temples during the 13th century, retain their glow till date. One can experience our rich heritage of those days even today, thanks to this wonderful art form, whose tradition continues till date.

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